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Brandon Wiesener

I've been riding sleds since I could walk. My Dad got me into mountain riding and I got hooked. Eventually I started progressing with my backcountry freeriding and things took off. Mountain biking and skiing are my main influences for my style of riding, and I always look for different features to get creative on. Steep descent lines and vertical wind lips to use as quarter pipes always keep things interesting.

Chasing unique visuals in the form of video and photography always get me going too.

Bow Ridge Sports Cochrane has been such an essential supporter of my riding goals. It's not easy pushing yourself as an action sports athlete, and you certainly can't do it alone.

The Bow Ridge Sports crew has helped keep my sled rolling for a few seasons now, often last minute before a video or photo shoot. All the work and effort has paid off, and my riding career has been going places I never expected. I've been riding the Ski-Doo Freeride in the XM chassis for awhile, which has been bomb proof. This season I'll be hopping on a new 850 Freeride in the even more capable Rev G4 chassis, it'll help.


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