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Jaryn Seel

Ever since I was a little kid I've had a dream. A dream that started the first time that I got on a sled. A dream that is progressing and developing faster than I could ever imagine. A dream of being the best sledder in the world. The most precise and technical human to ever ride a sled. There is no feeling better on earth than riding a sled in the backcountry. Either on a glacier, pounding jumps and flying through the air or carving though fresh blower pow in the trees, theres never a bad moment. The thrill you get while riding is unimaginable to anyone who’s never tried it and thats why I think sledding is incomparable to any other sport. Thanks to my Uncle and undoubtedly my entire family, who got me into riding and to this day supports me with every decision I make in order to pursue my passion and ultimately, my dream. With inspirations like Carl Kuster, I’ve focused a lot on putting myself into uncomfortable riding situations where Im forced to push myself and guaranteed to learn. I hope to compete in the Jackson Hole Hill Climb and other similar events where I can push myself to the limits even more in the very near future.


I am currently riding on the insanely reliable, skidoo XM chassis and have been since I got my first 800 when I was twelve. For next season I’m going to be riding a springchecked 2019 Summit X in that kickass red colour. I've also very recently moved to Invermere, BC (near Golden, BC) and got my drivers licence which gives me confidence that I will be getting in 50+ rides throughout the winter. I plan on building up my dream sled out of this 850 and being very active on social media throughout the 2018-2019 season. I currently have over 3000 active followers on Instagram, with my fanbase of passionate young sledders growing strong. I am currently sponsored by TOBE Outerwear, Motorfist, SmithsGradeWelding and MBRP. I am stoked to be working with Bow Ridge Sports for coming seasons as Ive heard nothing but fantastic things about Bow Ridge and its crew.

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